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The Teacher’s Academy is the world’s leading workforce transformation company.
Our live, digitally driven workshops offer one-of-a-kind simulations in human-centered design, immersing companies in an approach that puts people, and their needs, at the heart of everything they do. We’ve spent the past 25 years helping organizations rethink conventions and blaze paths for record growth.
As teachers our core job is to help students to develop skills, create positive behaviours and innovate. With this in mind teachers academy is created with the vision to enable each teacher to become a world class educator. As a true patriotic of the Nation I owe this country the responsibility to nurture world class teachers so that we can be rest assured for the future we are creating for the next & many more generations. Teachers Academy’s vision is to empower teachers to be the catalyst of positive change maker in the society. Our world is at the mercy of great teachers and Teachers Academy is their go to place to ignite the spark of creativity.

We co-create with teachers that can exponentially increase teachers ability so that each lesson students learn becomes a life transforming lesson for them. We believe that if teachers see themselves as not teachers nut experience designers there be next level of engagement in the classrooms. And classrooms as theatres. Like all greatest teachers who have inspired the world. We want to demystify the skillset, mindset, environment set & tools and give access to every teachers so that they are able to imagine what they want to create and help them create that.
The Teachers Essential
If teachers start to look at themselves not as teachers but as experience designer they would do much better. varun Chamadiya The teacher academy intends to empower every teacher with the skillset, mindset and tools to be albe to design the content and syllabus as an experience that will be most memorable, wonderful and outstabding in terms of learning outcomes achieved and 10X engagement. Our research and with the help of extensive observation and interviews with Institutions that are engaged in Teachers training and many schools and universities, we ahave been able to discover the blind spots that are hidden from the view of teachers. we believe once teachers are introduced to the entire framework and tools of experience design teachers will be able to do justice to thier profession and help the next generation acheive thier full potential.
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